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Tag Up to Ten People on Twitter Without Using Up Your 140 Characters!

Want to Make Your Posts Get Seen By The People You Want, But Not Take Up Your 140 Characters?

Twitter recently introduced a new feature excellent feature which allows users to tag up to ten users without having it take up any of your 140 characters. This is a fantastic new tool as it allows users to tweet out to giants, or specific people they want to see the tweet. Check out our latest video talking about the 5 elements of a good tweet, starting with how to tag or mention up to 10 people on a photo!

How does this new tool work? Well to tag the ten twitter handles you want you just need to add a picture, after adding the picture you can then click who's in this photo, and start adding twitter handles! To make it easier on yourself, it helps if you follow the handles before you start tagging.

This is an effective new tool to reach the users you want to see the tweet! Every user that is tagged in the picture will receive a notification. Using a picture to tag other users is more effective than simply tweeting to them, as you can tag multiple users in the picture! Thus spreading your reach, and leaving you more space to tweet your message effectively!

Happy Tweeting!

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