5 Critical Steps to the MOST Effective Communication's Calendar

Those who have marketing outcomes and returns they're proud of, have a kick-ass communication's calendar.

Check out my Vlog below on HOW to create your Effective Communication's Calendar in 5 steps!


"5 Steps to Your Kick-Ass Communication's Calendar!"

  1. Time-frame - think of a realistic period of time to reach your target market with your story. (Strategic)

  2. Areas of Focus - when your target market thinks about "your company", they'll think of WHAT 3 or 5 things. These things are the 3 or 5 "stories" you'll be unfolding over the above period of time. (Strategic)

  3. Type of Calendar - choose a sustainable living team calendar. (Important Tactic)

  4. Timeliness - Sprinkle the calendar with each area of focus! (Important Tactic)

  5. Repurpose - Use appropriate approaches/posts for each different marketing platform.

Next couple of #DigitalMarketingTips will be about how to measure your efforts effectiveness, and how to take one topic or visual and make it appropriate for each different platform you've chosen to use to reach your target market. Making it appropriate? Meaning, you can't take a flyer and just display it on Television or any Social Media Platform and create the impact you seek. Watch of the next #DigitalMarketingTip Vlog.

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