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June's Digital Marketing Workshops

Digital Marketing Workshops for StoreFronts or Local Professionals.


Choose your Target Market! 

Come for the Fundamentals and

optional Hands-on Follow-Up one week later!

 June Workshops Sold Out:

June 20th - Target Market Under 40 Fundamentals

June 27th - Target Market Under 40 Follow-Up

June 22nd - Target Market Over 40 Fundamentals.

June 29th- Target Market Over 40  Follow-Up

All Workshops are in Person.

 Y-Lofts, 7th Floor - 475 George St N.

1pm to 4pm 

Limited Numbers To Keep You Safe & Make it Meaningful.


Digital Marketing Coaching

Contact me for your private digital marketing session options. 

I offer virtual or in-office sessions.

Sofie Andreou Live

Sofie Andreou Live

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Sofie's conference addresses promise to be the highlight of your event. She'll make sure your audience is Edutained!

Energizing, Educational, Memorable and FUN.  

She's been known to create a song for your event to help capture the essence of the presentation. 

Sofie customizes her presentation to meet your unique requirements.