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Motivational Speaker

I love helping people find their inner strength!  How, through the experiences I had with my Brain Tumour and losing two of my four husbands and four of my six dogs in that same period. I want to share 5 Essential Lessons, Oscar, My Brain Tumour, Teaches About Living Your Best Life and Growing Your Business or Self” or

Crawl If You Must.jpg


Crawl to Start

Literally and metaphorically. Crawl vs not moving at all.

You start crawling toward your destination, you might get dirty along the, but soon you'll be there!  I crawled up this Mayan ruin and crawled back down, walking was not an option, but I did it! 


Find Your Inner Peace

It helps you stay focused, gain inspiration and makes your soul sing. 

Schedule it, or it won't happen! With a good friend, I planned and walked the Camino trail to help restore my balance while planning how to reinvent myself and my business,

Inner Peach.jpg


Push Yourself

Take yourself to the next level.  Recruit Friends to help, some friends might have four legs!!


Smile, even when it hurts

Smile, regardless if it's pain due to the "loss" of who you thought you'd be by now, or the "loss" of your soul mate(s). Smile, it helps you remember what's important and that helps you transform. The "loss" becomes your building blocks. 

New Beginings


The Big Surprise!

You're now ready for where life might take you! Be open and don't worry what others say!!

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