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Virtual Services to The Electric City Culture Council (EC3) was a success. Thank you to those who reached out for help. We were delighted to help you!

Helped With:

  • Digital Strategy.

  • Putting Your Products Online.

  • Putting your Menus Online.

  • Google My Business.

  • Selling Online.

  • Video or Photo Techniques.

  • Simple Websites.

  • Virtual Social Media Help.

  • Virtual Social Media Training.

  • Virtual Team Meetings Steps.

  • Setting Up Virtual Services.

  • Online Scheduling Tools.

  • Online Gift Certificates.

  • Online Contests.

Virtual support aimed at helping you increase your marketing, sales & support digital abilities.  

As well as help you work as a virtual team.


#VirusEconomy. Helping us all do our part to #FlattenTheCurve.


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5 Steps to Setting Up Virtual Teams


4 Steps to Transitioning to Sell Online


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