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Online Marketing Training, Support & Webinars

Would you like to INCREASE sales while DECREASING marketing costs?
My approach is realistic and sustainable. Leading to immediate results.


Bring your digital marketing in-house.

We help you bring your digital marketing in-house!

We put together a 4 to 12-week course, based on your needs.

Over 3000 professionals have completed our 12 module course! 

We deliver certification through private institutions, industry-specific associations, and offer them a few times a year to the public. 

Our training is covered by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program.

Look for your area's employee training fund Click here to apply for the grant.


Basics, intermediate and advanced workshops & webinars.  


Session topics include strategy, planning, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Video, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Listings, SEO, measurement tools, management tools, Vlogs & Blogs, websites,  and eNewsLetters.


Hands-On Workshops have the BEST results with 10 or fewer participants.  ​

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