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The MOST Critical Marketing Workshops of 2024!

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2024 Critical Workshops

The critical workshops this year cover topics such as Google Listings, digital marketing strategy, website building, social media selling, and video creation.

See details below.

They can be offered together or individually. They can be hands-on or high-level.

  • AI What It is & Set UP & Much More  

  • Your Google Listings Essentials  

  • Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Audits & Plans 

  • Websites Building for Beginners or Refresh

  • eCommerce Websites

  • Selling on Social Media Essentials

  • Growing Your Business Using Digital Marketing

  • Creating Videos for Reels, Stories or Posts

  • Leveraging the Power of Canva 

Workshop Details

The workshops that are considered most critical this year cover a wide range of topics in the digital marketing field. These workshops can be offered either collectively or individually, and they can be either practical and hands-on or more high-level and informative. Here are the workshops:


1. AI What It is & Set Up: This workshop focuses on understanding and setting up AI an advanced conversational AI model. Participants will learn how to use and integrate AI into their applications or services OR use AI as the smartest co-work they've ever had. All to grow their business.


2. Your Google Listings Essentials: This workshop is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize their Google business listings. It covers techniques to improve visibility, enhance online presence, and attract more customers through Google My Business.


3. Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Audits & Plans: In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop effective digital marketing strategies, conduct audits to evaluate current marketing efforts, and create comprehensive plans to achieve business goals.


4. Websites Building for Beginners or Refresh: This workshop caters to beginners or those who wish to refresh their website building skills. Participants will learn the basics of website development, including design principles, content creation, and user experience optimization.


5. eCommerce Websites: This workshop focuses on building and managing eCommerce websites. Participants will gain insights into best practices for product listings, online payment systems, shopping cart optimization, and other essential aspects of running a successful online store.


6. Selling on Social Media Essentials: This workshop explores the fundamentals of selling products or services on social media platforms. Participants will learn how to create engaging content, target the right audience, utilize paid advertising, and measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.


7. Growing Your Business Using Digital Marketing: This workshop aims to equip participants with strategies and tactics for expanding their business through digital marketing channels. Topics covered may include lead generation, conversion optimization, email marketing, and customer retention.


8. Creating Videos for Reels, Stories, or Posts: This workshop focuses on video content creation for popular social media formats like reels, stories, and posts. Participants will learn about video editing techniques, storytelling, and optimizing videos for maximum engagement.


9. Leveraging the Power of Canva: In this workshop, participants will explore the features and capabilities of Canva, a graphic design platform. They will learn how to create visually appealing marketing materials, social media graphics, and professional presentations using Canva's tools and templates.


These workshops offer valuable insights and practical skills to help businesses succeed in the digital landscape. Participants can choose the workshops that align with their specific needs and goals, and either attend them individually or combine multiple workshops for a comprehensive learning experience.

Workshop Details
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