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Retailers Beware of CopyCat Scams!

Happening now in our Peterborough area and beyond! Be aware of an Instagram and Facebook CopyCat Scam!

They are targeting people who enter Social Media Contests!

WHAT - Scamming people to give them their addresses and credit card information!

These scammers are attempting to have people who entered contests give them credit card payment for shipping in exchange for the prize they "won"! Simply let your clients know to only to watch posts relating to your Company on your Page. Let them know that they winner will be posted on your Page only, they will not be contacted by a totally different account. Here's the details!

HOW - Praying on those who enter contests online!

  1. These scammers find Companies who are holding Social Media Contests.

  2. They copy that Company's Profile Photo (logo) and copy that Company's Cover Photo and copy about two week's of that Company's Social Media Posts. So, we call them CopyCats.

  3. They create a fake Profile account using those images and posts. Volia! The CopyCat account is now ready for action!

  4. They see who's entering the contests and then (DM) direct message the individuals, first asking them to become their friend and then, they come back to them, letting them know they won and that they need to ship them their prize! They provide the "winner" with a link to click on to enter their address and credit card information, so they can send the prize!

  5. They do this to many many many people who have entered the contest.

Here's how you protect your clients!

For your next online contest, make sure you let your followers know that your company does NOT send out "Friend Requests" on Social Media. Let your followers know to only follow your account or post for this contest.

Here are two effective approaches to protect your clients.

Chesler Shoes added this post while their contest was happening. "We have not sent out any friend requests. There has been someone duplicating pages and sending out false messages saying that people have won something and to follow the link to claim their prize. We have contacted our prize winner and made arrangements for the prize pickup.

If you have to enter a credit card number to claim a prize, report it immediately.

We apologize for any confusion."

We see Tiny Greens' approach, they add a sentence to each of their contest posts now. "THIS IS OUR ONE AND ONLY ACCOUNT, the winner will be posted & contacted on THIS account."

Please do not be discouraged! Contests are still a very effective way to engage with your clients. Sharing with them the type of products or services you offer, while letting them know you appreciate them! They love that you give back.

We know you want to keep your clients and staff safe, we're here to help!


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