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5 Steps to Story-Boarding your Communication's Calendar

In my experience, companies have not figured out how to visualize their communication's calendar to achieve their sales success. Lately, I've been introducing this idea of a Goal Oriented Story-Boards to my clients and it's working well! Once we complete that, we're then ready to embed meaningful visuals it into their Communication's Calendars!

Here are the 5 general steps I suggest.

  1. State Your Purpose

  2. Think of Trusted Visuals

  3. Create or Think in Sound Bites

  4. Mixed Media

  5. Structured Calendars

1) State your Communications goals. Ie To be known as the best chocolate maker in the land or To be known as an amazing Family Run company. Your goals become the Purpose of your posts! Everything you post or share or like on line, as your business, should strengthen one of your Purposes therefore feeding your goals!

2) Choose one of your business Purposes, think of the visuals. A photo or video are worth 10000s of words! These visuals that will help demonstrate that Purpose. Demonstrate it by instilling trust. Remember, people need to FEEL in-order to trust or remember you. They need to trust you before they will be enticed to click on your Call to Actions. (Call to Actions are links you want the to click on, like buy now!)

Some suggestions for these visuals include real EYEBALLS! Meaning, visuals of the real people involved in making you great; specifically you or your staff or your clients. Meaningful real visuals could be your clients' reactions to you product or services, awards you've won or behind the scenes adventures. Take photos of all these things as you'll need them later! Don't miss an opportunity!

So, in general think of visuals with:

  • EYEBALLS (real people)

  • Your Passions!

  • Your Pride or Knowledge

  • Client Reactions

  • REAL Photos

3) NEXT, take each Purpose and turn them into "Sound Bites". What are all the parts of the Purpose? Share an engaging story. Take your target audience with you on business related adventures like buying trips, conferences, packaging, award banquets..

4) Mix up the Sound Bites into different kinds of visuals or media to make your posts exciting, specifically: live-streams, videos, links to your website and photos! Longer videos turned into shorts that can be repurposed for TikTok or Stories!

5) Now you have gathered your story into meaningful visual sound bites, you are ready to create your communication's calendar.

Turn each of these sound bites effective posts across your chosen social media platforms appropriately!

Since photos and videos behave differently on each of your Website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and in eNewsletters, the next few Digital Marketing Tip Vlogs will be on how to leverage each type of your visual posts appropriately across each of your company's chosen digital platforms.


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